RFID Clothing Hangers Sell Harder than Sales Clerks

It's easy to avoid pushy sales clerks when shopping for new threads. So a department store in Japan now uses inescapable RFID-equipped clothing hangers that try to sell you other products and accessories when you take a garment off a rack.


The system was developed by Teamlab and is now used by Vanquish in one of their men's stores in the Shibuya ward of Tokyo. A row of LCD displays sits above a clothing rack and when a garment is removed by a customer, the nearest display springs to life showing specifics about the product and suggestions for suitably stylish accessories. But the response could be even more elaborate. A store's music and lighting are strategically designed to sell an image, and being able to customize them on the fly could increase the chances of a sale. I mean how could you resist a leather jacket if Bad To The Bone started playing while you tried it on?

The RFID hangers aren't limited to just serving up advertisements or grabbing a shopper's attention, though. They also provide the store with detailed stat tracking when it comes to how often a piece of clothing is removed from the rack. And in turn, where it could be most effectively located to increase awareness and sales. All without having to pay the hangers a dime of commission. [Teamlab via CScout Japan]


If this happens the next time at the clothing store, I'm going to punch that LCD screen.