Ricoh Caplio R40

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Ricoh introduced its Caplio R40, a compact digital camera with some pretty impressive specs. We're really liking its thin form factor, where its inch-thick profile must have been an engineering challenge with that 5.7x optical zoom lens inside; we're wondering if digital cameras will go the way of cellphones with a thin-is-in battle. That lens gives you lots of range, too, with the 35mm format equivalent of 28mm to 160mm, and it's shooting into a 6-megapixel CCD.

One of the specs that Ricoh brags about is the really short shutter release time lag, which it quotes as .007 seconds. That's quick, but Ricoh reminds us that measurement was obtained after the focus lock was engaged. But still, that ain't half bad. We're also digging the macro capability of this camera, where you can get as close as a third of an inch to capture intricate details. Available in June, pricing wasn't announced yet.


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