Does a water-resistant and dust-proof camera really have to be as fugly as this? Ricoh's ten-megapixel, shock-resistant G600 sits alongside its Caplio 500G, and boasts, as well as a 5x zoom, flash with a ten-meter range, 52MB internal memory and hi-def 2.7-inch display.

The G600 does movies too, shooting VGA video at 30fps, and you can even shoot up to a meter underwater. The G600 has been designed to work between temperatures of -10º and 40º Centigrade, and you can drop it onto 26 different surfaces from a height of 1.5 meters. Costing £350 when it comes out next month, that's almost $700—which proves that, while the camera may be shockproof, I am not. [Ricoh and Akihabara News]


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