Ridable Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots

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Arriving just a few weeks late to be the ultimate movie tie-in for Real Steel, this set of bumper car pugilists can each accomodate a single rider, letting you and a friend duke it out without ever losing a single tooth.

Bumper cars are already one of the most entertaining rides at any carnival, because you're in control and can rain down collision carnage on your fellow riders. But this version adds pneumatic-powered arms and fists controlled by a set of joysticks inside the safety of a steel cage. A gas powered motor means a match can last for up to five hours, and a top speed of just three miles per hour ensures your opponent can't easily flee. Points are scored every time a successful blow sends the opposing robot's head back, while the score is displayed on the front of each robot so there's no question who the heavyheavyheavyweight champ really is.

And from my calculations you've got about 48 days left to convince your parents you've been good enough to warrant a $17,000 Christmas present. [Hammacher Schlemmer via Random Good Stuff]

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Lite: an adventurer is me!

These would be much cooler if they were rounded, covered with etheric beam detectors and a plunger. While wheeling about the arena they would scream "Exterminate!" After one of the opponents is killed it would then go on a search in the audience for a Doctor and execute them on stage while proclaiming to be the superior being.