Ridiculously Fast iPhone Typist Shames Soft Keyboard Haters

This iPhone typist/possible woodpecker earns today's Holy Shit YouTube Moment of the Day Award. I'm positive I couldn't beat him on my Droid—hell, he'd put up a good fight against me on my laptop.


The app he's using, iTextSpeed, tests WPM (words per minute) typing speed, and given his insane speed, this guy's got to be one of the fastest iPhone typists in the world. At 83 WPM, he's as fast on the iPhone as most secretaries are on full-sized keyboards (and even sounds sort of out of breath after the test—watch out for iPhone thumb, friend). Congratulations to today's winner: I present you with a full minute and a half of my time, as a reward. [148Apps]


This guy would be "big in Japan" where the latest thing is for people, mostly young women, to write entire serialized novels called "keitai", or cellphone novels.

Chaco san, an aspiring authour, even tells us that, wait for it, she can type faster on her phone than on a regular keyboard.

"Chaco is becoming one of the most popular mobile phone novelists in Japan. We don't know much about her — except that she's a twenty-something Pisces from Osaka — but we do know that she can spit out books faster than Danielle Steel. In the last 14 months, she wrote five novels, including her best seller, What the Angel Gave Me, which has sold more than 1 million copies to date.

"I can type faster on my phone than on a standard keyboard," she says. In between chapters, Chaco logs on to her blog and puts up a progress report for her eagerly waiting fans. "My god, it's already 9:30!" she writes. "Where was I? I was sitting at my desk with writer's block.""

Is this the future of publishing? It's one face for sure.

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