Riding a bike on a slackline high up in the mountains is psycho madness

It’s already hard enough to just go mountain biking where there are no trails. It’s already hard enough to just walk on a slackline suspended in the air. So naturally, it makes perfect sense to go mountain biking on a slackline. Wait. What? That’s what Kenny Belaey did. He rode his bike on a slackline over a 367-foot drop in the French Alps.


The whole video is worth watching, just to see the crazy stuff it takes to get to the point where he can do something even crazier.


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Picked a nice place to do this stunt. Awesome spot.

Eight months of preparation & training. Ultimately attempting the deed, and failing. So, after falling hundreds of times, for whatever reasons, he gave up.

Came back two months later, proceeded to fall even more times. Then, the miracle.

Personally, I’m more impressed with how he attacks those intense razor-sharp nastyass busted ridge lines (with no safety device.)

Phenomenal balance this guy. Somebody mention balls? Wow.