If e-bikes are to replace cars, they’ll need programs to incentivize ridership. The federal government could subsidize buying them, similar to incentive programs for electric cars. Programs like this already exist in some American cities like Burlington, Vermont, and in countries ahead of the curve like the UK. These types of programs are essential to equity and making sure that those individuals who need a bike most (and couldn’t even afford a car if they wanted one) can get one.


As a motorcycle enthusiast who recently sold her 2007 Honda Shadow, I am loving riding an e-bike. It’s the closest I can get to that rush of wind on my face, whether I’m simply taking a ride to the park or journeying 15 miles out to Brooklyn. Cars may be stuck in their annoying traffic, but I slide right on through. The only annoying part? Carrying this 60-pound big boy up my flight of stairs. Luckily, my fit-ass boyfriend—whom I now leave behind in the dust!—takes care of that for me. Thanks, boo.