RIM CEO Hints At More Touch Devices, Acknowledges Growing Pains With the Storm

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The guys at Laptop Mag sat down with RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis and uncovered some interesting bits of information—including the possibility of more touchscreen devices and an acknowledgment of problems with the Storm.

In response to a line of questioning about problems with the Blackberry Storm, Lazardis noted that although the device was thoroughly tested before launch, there were some growing pains:

That's our first touch product, and you know nobody gets it perfect out the door. You know other companies were having problems with their first releases.


In that same statement, Lazardis hints that more touchscreen devices may be on the horizon—although he would not comment on future products (he also gives BlackBerry fans a reason to believe things will get better—in contrast to Co-CEO Jim Balsillie's belief that buggy smartphones are "the new reality"). As far the current product lineup is concerned, it's no surprise to find that Lazardis believes that they have distinct advantages when it comes to their full push technology and multitasking that doesn't waste battery life. They are also working to improve their browser to offer a broader web-browsing experience without compromising performance.

Check out Laptop Mag for the full interview. [Laptop Mag]

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