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RIM's BlackBerry BIS v.2.5 Due On June 28, Will Include HTML Email Support

Illustration for article titled RIMs BlackBerry BIS v.2.5 Due On June 28, Will Include HTML Email Support

RIM is upgrading its BlackBerry Internet Service in anticipation for the next-gen of BlackBerry devices, and chief amongst the host of upgrades is the inclusion of native HTML email support – something users have been asking for since the dawn of the crackberry age. Finally, I will be able to expect the same psuedo-inspirational, gif-laden emails my parents already forward to me from all of my BlackBerry addict friends. I'm psyched. Version 2.5 of the BIS will also include OTA upgrades, calender improvements and several other as yet unnamed features. [Boy Genius Report]


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K, Apple fanboys are getting really annoying. I remember the Intel vs. AMD wars when AMD procs were competitive, and arguably better than Intel, then nVidia vs. ATI, etc., but the problem with Apple fanboys is that just a few years ago, they kinda won the world series with the iPod, much like the Red Sox. Holy shit...that's exactly it. Apple fanboys are freaking red sox fans—you have been losing for so long, but now that you are actually making gains, you're becoming even more annoying. Apple is a company; it's products are just those: products. Who gives a shit if you like your iPhone more than a BB.

Do you honestly think that you can suggest that someone is lying because he claims to type on a tactile keyboard more quickly than without one? BTW, the new BB will have predictive text, so any advantages iPhone users had in the past would likely be lost, and then you will have to jump off an apple store.

In any case, the new BB will probably not be as pretty/girly/whatever as the iPhone, and it won't make some latent douchebag with a skateboard come out. Once he does though, he will be much more secure, no longer a red sox fan, and ok with who he is, understanding that effectiveness can be just as important as appearance. Basically, a much cooler person.

Honestly, I used to like some things about the Iphone, but I'm giving mine away simply because I now associate it with apple fanboys. Fanboys of a company that really does not care about you. I swear, just like every other company as large as this one.

Long ago (where the hell am I going with this?), before my time (honestly), people would be fans of great authors like Hemingway, then radio and television came, and people developed an affinity for singers, actors, etc...but people. Who the hell dedicates themselves to products? Get a life. Stop fighting over which phone is better. It's a phone, and I have a good feeling that noone calls you because you ogle it all day. Your former friends are probably afraid that their phones will come on them if you call because you've been jerking off to yours for the past six months. The worst part of it all is that you have been on the apple website, looking at the new iWhatever while rubbing it out.

Oh yeah, the point. So the iPhone can do some things that other phones cannot do as well, and it comes in a cute little package, but it does not have the support of the corporate slaveships that need to ensure their employees are tethered to their email for 3am developments. The iPhone does not have a tactile keyboard, which is important for those who can look at their device without drooling (i.e. type without admiring—or even looking at—what they are typing on). Aside from not rendering tables and embedding images, the text only part of the bb has been quite fast and useful, esp. since it did not render tables—it was nice to have an excuse to avoid looking at part of a spreadsheet that some dickhead decided to paste into an email titled URGENT.

Right, so to all you iPhone owners out there (new CEOs of crappy companies that will fail in the next year because the economy sucks and all you care about is novelty, iBankers (fuck you all), teenagers lacking personality, girls who idolize the OC, and the vast majority of Gizmodo readers), I hate you and I hate your phone. Stop posting and have a good night.