Illustration for article titled Rise of the eBooks: Kindle Books Now Outsell Paperbacks

Here's an interesting factoid dropped by Amazon during their quarterly call: since the beginning of the year, Amazon has sold 115 Kindle eBooks for every 100 paperback books purchases on its site. Are we finally witnessing a momentum shift here?


Last summer it was reported that Kindle eBooks were already outselling hardcovers on Amazon (143 to 100), and now even that figure has roughly doubled since last July (~300 to 100). I wouldn't be surprise if the tablet boom helpt play a big role in this, as Amazon has Kindle stores on the iOS and Android platforms.

But the Kindle is no slouch either. Amazon mentioned that the third-generation Kindle had become their best selling product ever, outgunning previous sales champ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. [Business Insider]


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