Roadrunner Beware: Real-Life Crotch Rocket Spotted in the Wild

Illustration for article titled Roadrunner Beware: Real-Life Crotch Rocket Spotted in the Wild

Hope and doubt are at war today as we pore over this picture of a literal crotch rocket. On the one hand, it looks pretty legit, right down to the stabilizing fins, exhaust port for the motorcycle housed within, and blast marks that are no doubt from one of the many instances where this beast dumped out while breaking the sound barrier. On the other hand, the kids and their Photoshoppin' these days means everything online is suspect (isn't that right, Steve?). Perhaps most damning of all, however, is the fact that the only creature capable of conceiving such a bike is nowhere to be found. Wile E. Coyote, could you please step forward and lay claim to your glorious invention? [Accordion Guy via Neatorama]


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"...literal crotch rocket" ? It looks more like a simple gravity bomb to me. OR maybe even napalm. But one way or the other I sincerely doubt that 'exhaust port' could release enough exhaust gases to allow stabilized flight.

It's still kinda cool though. Needs a few accessories.

- one forty-five caliber automatic

- two boxes of ammunition

- four days' concentrated emergency


- one drug issue containing

antibiotics, morphine, vitamin

pills, pep pills, sleeping pills,

tranquilizer pills;

- one miniature combination Russian

phrase book and Bible

- one hundred dollars in rubles

- one hundred dollars in gold

- nine packs of chewing gum

- one issue of prophylactics

- three lipsticks

- three pair of nylon stockings

- ten gallon cowboy hat