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Robot Band is at Least as Good as Coldplay

New Zealand's The Trons is a four piece rock band made up entirely of robots playing real instruments, performing real shows and—rumor has it—taking advantage of real groupies.

There have been attempts to robotize music before but since up until right now robots didn't have souls, none of them have made a lasting impact. Ham, Wiggy, Swamp and Fifi (yeah, they have names), who I would gladly pay upwards of $4 to see, have a show booked for the 21st of June in their native Hamilton, NZ for any interested Kiwis.
[MySpace via Make]


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Wow, this is almost like the Mac/PC debate but there's actually no debate.

They're old stuff is uninspired. Their new stuff is pretty different.

Its music. Its subjective. Get over it.