Rogue One Is Coming to Star Wars: Battlefront, The Force Awakens Still Isn't

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Fans of EA’s cinematic Star Wars shooter Battlefront have been begging to see content added to the game that went beyond the first three films. While the publisher has ruled out that Force Awakens-era content, today they revealed that at least one of the new movies will make its presence felt in Battlefront this year: Rogue One.


At today’s EA Star Wars panel at Celebration Europe it was confirmed that the previously mysterious fourth (and currently final) downloadable content for Battlefront will be called Rogue One: Scarif. Named after the beach planet we’ve seen in the trailer, the expansion will not only let players fight across the beachfronts seen in the film, but play as its primary hero and villain: Rebel gamers will have their pool of heroes bolstered by the arrival of Jyn Erso, while the Imperial faction gets to play as Director Krennic.

Also confirmed at the panel was “Skirmish Mode”, a new feature coming to Battlefront next week on July 21st, allowing players to play both the Walker Assault (in which Imperials and Rebels battle underneath the feet of giant AT-ATs, attempting to destroy or protect them on the way to a Rebel target) and Fighter Squadron (in which Imperials and Rebels dogfight in the atmosphere with their fighter forces) modes offline against bots for the first time—whether in co-op or singleplayer.

No other details were announced about the Rogue One DLC, other than Battlefront fans can expect to play the content by the time Rogue One hits theaters in December. Meanwhile EA teased its third expansion for the game, Death Star (I’ll leave it to you to figure out where that one is set) with a new trailer, which you can check out below.

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John Cooley

Honestly, forget the Force Awakens in Battlefront. Great movie, but visually and gameplay it would barely add anything new. What I’m really hoping for is a chance to run around in a beautifully rendered version of this: