Rollei Cranks Out Three Minishooters, Lightweights All

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Rollei rolls out three small shooters, and although their nametag reads "Prego," they're not exactly pregnant with gravitas. The pictured Rollei da1325 Prego ($315) being the flagship of the trio, contains a 10-megapixel CCD. All three of the compact cameras have a 3x optical zoom and a 2.5-inch viewscreen (sans optical viewfinder), and all have a zoom lens with a 35mm equivalent of 37 to 112 mm.

The 1325's brandmates look almost the same and have nearly-identical specs, except the two lesser models are offered in black finish and have lesser megapixelage. The da7325 is a 7-megapixel camera ($252), while the da5325 ($189) has 5-megapixels inside. The cameras can also shoot video clips at 640x480 at 30 frames per second.

These cheap little trinkets are nice enough with their tiny form factors, but the apple has certainly fallen far from the tree in this case; these baubles not exactly carrying on the proud tradition of the legendary "twin lens" Rolleiflex cameras, circa 1929, that were so popular with pros of another era. Oh well, things change.


Rollei da1325 Prego
Rollei da7325 Prego
Rollei da5325 Prego