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ROSIE Coffee Table is Apple Surface

Illustration for article titled ROSIE Coffee Table is Apple Surface

Apple may not have responded to Microsoft with a surface clone, but another company is stepping up to the plate for them. Home A/V company Savant has announced their new ROSIE coffee table, a 40-inch touchscreen Apple computer in a form reminiscent of Microsoft's Surface.


While we have no specifics on hardware, the ROSIE claims to have "integration and interaction" with iTunes content. And it will also perform functions like downloading content from digital cameras, and supporting business card readers. And...there's not much more there.

Yes, it all sounds a bit fishy at the moment. So for now, we see the product as a glorified box around some Apple product featuring a fancy display and third-party OS. Hopefully we'll get to the bottom of this at CEDIA. And hopefully it's actually a super cool device that makes our lives perfect and beautiful and unicorns and flowers and free porn. [cepro]


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Yayyy finally a proper Luxor gaming board!