Rotating Home Theater Makes Our Couch Look Like Garbage

While we enjoyed the Batman home theater and the Star Trek home theater, neither system was really practical for—we'll just say it—normal people. But this rotating home theater with a rotating floor is both amazing and the sort of setup that our wives could get behind...pending we had the necessary endless piles of money.


The theater was planned with a simple idea: when you aren't watching movies, the room should still be functional. So a 16-foot motorized circle was placed into the floor that rotates the semicircle of seats away from the blank screen and toward the rest of the room.

This rotation is linked to a button on a touchscreen RTI T2-C remote, along with an intricate 7.5-foot fan-style door that closes off the room. LED lights are embedded in the floor and ceiling (also linked to the remote).

The original plan was to rotate one row of the theater to face another row. This setup falls a bit short of the idea's livable simplicity (the giant circle makes optimal seating arrangements impossible), but perhaps some swivel chairs and a coffee table on casters could create the effect even better (tell yourself whatever lies it takes to sleep through the night). More photos at E-House. [Electronic House]


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