Rubik's Cube Coffee Table Makes Your Apartment "Cool"

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Personally, I've never been a fan of the Rubik's Cube. That's probably because it makes me feel like a complete moron, and I just end up peeling the stickers off and replacing them so it looks like I completed the puzzle. What can I say, I have no scruples.


If you can complete the Rubik's Cube legitimately and want to feel superior to others by decorating your home with the puzzle's motif, take a gander at this coffee table. It'll look great in your dorkatorium, but it's one of those items that's guaranteed to get tossed in the garbage as soon as a female moves in with you. But hey, if you're looking to keep that from ever happening, go nuts.

Also, you're a jerk for being able to complete the puzzle.

Product Page [via Gizmodo Australia]



Oh, come on! The stickers are no good after about the third time you peel them off, fourth tops. Everyone knows that you just need to loosen the screw under the white center tile, and the whole thing practically falls apart; then you can take the tiles out and reassemble them in perfect order.

The screw is sometimes epoxied, though.