Rumor: Google Taking On eBay With Site Launch

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Fashion bloggers are squealing that Google's going into the fashion business, following an invitation for a swanky NYC launch event this Wednesday, where "high tech fuses with high fashion." Supposedly, they'll be using image-recognition software from their acquisition.


After spotting the whispers on Twitter, I looked up the domain registrant of, which appears to be Google bought the fashion site, which uses image-recognition software to find similar items, back in August. The domain changed hands to on 19th July, and is obviously now owned by Google too.

A fashion site might seem like an odd choice for Google, but for anyone who's got a girlfriend, sister or friend who's addicted to online shopping it only figures that Google would want a slice of that big, financial pie. I myself buy most of my clothes online now—so a one-stop destination to major fashion brands (said to be 19 high-end American designers, as well as retailers such as Net-a-Porter, Nordstrom, Selfridges and Shopbop) certainly interests me (and my lack of time). [Frockwriter via @LDNFashion]



I hope I'm not alone in finding 'high fashion' and the whole circus around it a bunch of self-absorbed buffoons.

I like nice clothes, don't get me wrong. But the idolization of certain brands that don't offer any real reason why they are so expensive is ridiculous in my eyes.