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Rumor Has It an iPhone 13 With 1 TB Storage Is Coming

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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If you’re the type of person that still needs more storage, Apple might have answered your prayers.

According to 9to5Mac, there are indications that this year’s iPhone lineup—yes, we’re talking about the next one already—will have 1 TB storage. The outlet cited analysts at the investment firm Wedbush, which pointed to supply chain checks as evidence. Currently, the most storage offered on iPhones is 512 GB, so an iPhone 13 with 1 TB of storage would be a first for Apple.

This isn’t the first time this rumor has shown up in Appleland. Back in October, Apple leaker Jon Prosser—who, it should be noted, isn’t always right—also teased about this possibility. Prosser reiterated this prediction in January on Front Page Tech, saying that most of the iPhone 13 high-end prototypes do feature 1 TB of storage.


“We’re in early stages of iPhone 13 right now and we kind of just have prototypes to go off of, which means that not much is actually final,” Prosser said in January. “But I will tell you that most of those prototypes, I’m being told, do feature a terabyte of storage. That is, prototypes for the pro models.”

If the rumor is true, Apple wouldn’t be the first company to make 1TB phones. Samsung and Asus started offering phones with 1TB storage capacity back in 2019.


Other reliable chatter indicates that Apple’s newest lineup will maintain four models again this year. In other words, we’re likely looking at an iPhone 13 Mini, an iPhone 13, an iPhone 13 Pro, and an iPhone 13 Pro Max. The difference between them, which is something we all know by now, would be the cameras. And if this new rumor is true, it could also be storage—and more than we’ve ever seen on an iPhone before.