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Rumor: iPad HD Will Be Available March 16?

Illustration for article titled Rumor: iPad HD Will Be Available March 16?

According to 9to5mac, the iPad HD (or 3) will be available on March 16th. Last year's iPad 2 release date was March 11th, which was the Friday following the announcement event. The 16th this year would be the same.


In addition to the following-Friday bit, two new Apple stores in London and Houston, Texas will be opening on the 16th. 9to5mac also says that Apple won't have a pop-up store at SXSW this year, like it had last year. It also makes reference to some kind of possible Apple event next week, but there are basically no details about that right now.

To find out all things iPad HD as they're unveiled in real time, ride along with us on our iPad HD Liveblog this Wednesday, starting at around noon EST. [9to5mac]

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just made an account to call out your sexism

Hasn't this gone far enough?

I mean seriously, this will be announced tomorrow. Do we really have to have up to the second updates on the rumors of the collected wieght of the transistors between the battery and the processor? or have you just got nothing better to do with your time?

Every freaking time apple releases something, giz has 37,450 articles in the 3 days leading up to it, speculation what it will smell like. I mean, come on? keep your pants on and wait for it.

I don't wanna ever hear that Giz is not mac biased.