Rumor: iPhone 4 Casing Will Be Touch-Sensitive Like The Magic Mouse

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We're not usually prone to listening to analysts' speculation—especially when it comes to Apple products—but this latest, previously unheard-of rumor could see the iPhone experience reinvented completely if proven to be true. Still, please do BYO salt bag.

Robert Chen, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, told Bloomberg that the next iPhone will launch in June (obvious to anyone in this world), but will also be remarkably different to what we've seen before.

"Apple's going to put a lot of innovation, not just on the hardware, but also on the software of the new iPhone"


The "new plastic casing" will be touch-sensitive, much like Apple's Magic Mouse, and according to Chen it will also have a 5.0-megapixel camera. The camera will undoubtedly be upgraded in the next iPhone model, so that's not a far reach for Chen to make, but this new touch-sensitive casing sounds intriguing.

Making the next iPhone completely touch-sensitive sounds slightly redundant, if you ask me. Why would you want to be able to make a gesture on the back of the iPhone with your finger, to answer a call or turn the volume up on your music, when it's already all too easy to do that on the touchscreen?

Unless Apple has something else up their sleeve. When you think about how you hold an iPhone, your index finger is usually pointed upwards, resting somewhere in the middle of the back. Could a touch-sensitive area there allow for quicker one-handed scrolling through emails, or application of pressure to perform a different task? Could it be used effectively in gaming?


It's perplexing thinking about what Apple can offer via a touch-sensitive casing that its touchscreen can't already do, but if you've got any ideas about this big fat piece of analyst hype, do let us know. [Bloomberg]