Rumor: iPod Touch with Camera and Microphone Coming

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According to a "well-connected Wired's source," Apple's Chinese contractors are already churning out iPod touch units with integrated cameras and microphones. A classic rumor that may transform the smart media player into almost-an-iPhone, thanks Wi-Fi hotspots and 3G-to-Wi-Fi hubs.


According to Wired's source, they will go on sale in "two to three months." If I were AT&T, I would be very nervous about the prospect of Apple eventually gaining carrier independence with a 100% VoIP solution. The plot, boys and girls, is thickening. [Wired]



Alot of New Yorkers (like Gizmodo authors) think WiFi is ubiquitous, just because you can find 25 APs in midtown.

Step outside the boroughs, and no one is confusing WiFi as a usable replacement for cellular.