Rumor: Jodie Fisher's HP Work Was Cut After She Ignored Mark Hurd's Advances

Details continue to trickle out of HP's Mark Hurd-shaped wound, with a "person close to the investigation" telling The Associated Press that Jodie Fisher claimed sexual harassment charges after she ceased receiving work offers from HP following her rebuffal of Hurd's sexual advances.

The Taiwanese news outlet responsible for the laughable 3D animations might have to remake their HP video, after this latest tidbit of information has come out. Of course, it hasn't been confirmed that Hurd actually tried it on with Fisher—but we do know he was caught watching racy videos of her on his work computer, and lodged outrageous expenses on Fisher's behalf, for travel and accommodation. [Associated Press via Business Insider]

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Coming back and seeing a story like this on Gizmodo is like trying a YooHoo drink again after you've forgotten why you avoid it now.

Thanks for the reminder.

See you after I forget the bad taste again.