Ousted HP CEO Mark Hurd Watched Jodie Fisher's Racy Videos Online

Sure, her Playboy spread was pretty sexy, but a CEO really shouldn't be googling* one of his hired marketing contractors whilst on the job. Computer analysis of Mark Hurd's computer has discovered he watched some of Fisher's saucy videos.


Not only has the true nature of Hurd's "crime" come out today, but also details surrounding his exit from HP—was he pushed, or did he fall? The WSJ is reporting that the HP board was pretty pissed off he settled his sexual harassment claim without informing the board, who had booked in a mediation appointment with Jodie Fisher and her lawyer for the following day after he settled.

Hurd's decision to settle without involving the board allegedly caused a lot of the members to consider the possibility that he was actually guilty of sexual harassment—even if he and Fisher claim to not have actually have "intimate relations." [WSJ]

*Within reason, I mean. I'm not speaking out against googling potential employees before hiring, as that's something all employers must do, but I'm sure in this case Hurd was already familiar with Fisher's background as a soft-core porn actress. It sounds as though he googled her with the express intent of checking out some of her videos and photos—otherwise it wouldn't be deemed as inappropriate now, would it? It's not like he got pushed because he looked at her LinkedIn profile.