Rumor: Kindle Screen Gonna Be Larger By Christmas

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WSJ reports that Amazon is hard at work on a larger-screened Kindle. That's not surprising—the E-Ink panel has been around for a while and is seen in other readers—but what the hell, Amazon?

Despite some parody images, the screen size is not the problem. It's not even a problem. What's funny is, the article, written by a newspaper, discusses how the larger screen will really help Amazon lure newspapers to the format—as if newspapers have all the choices in the world of where they will end up. The article never once mentions the most important aspect: The enormous cost of the larger E-Ink screens. Not a single reference to that, which at current market prices would likely double the already punitively high cost of Kindle.


To me, this whole thing is a circle jerk: Newspapers and book publishers talking about a technology that's little more than a novelty as if it's the already established savior of "print." I love Kindle for its innovation, but please, let's address the real issues. Bigger? Sheesh. [WSJ]