Rumor: Nintendo Working on iPhone Games

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An eyebrow-raising rumor has it that Nintendo and Apple have teamed up to bring games to the iPhone, with $29 Nintendo games coming to the touchscreen device within a few months of launch. The games are said to use a touchscreen d-pad for control, although what kinds of games the big N will make aren't made clear.


OK, what?

Using a touchscreen keyboard will be annoying enough, but trying to play video games using touchscreen controls? That sounds downright infuriating. And since when did Nintendo make games for anything but Nintendo systems? And don't they already have a portable device with a touchscreen that's insanely popular? There's not a lot that makes sense in this rumor, and as much as the Apple and Nintendo fanboy populations would explode in ecstasy if it happened, it seems like a big steamy pile of wishful thinking to me. We'll see, I guess.

No Heat [via Mac Daily News]


Gizmodo needs to do a count of the number of time tech celebrities of graced the pages of Gizmodo. Clearly Jobs is way ahead of the competition, but I would be interested to know the actual number.

Keep those photochopped pics coming, though — they are fantastic!

Nintendo and Apple working together on anything seems like a match made in heaven. Both companies are very creative, and I am sure they can come up with some fantastic ways to make the iPhone a game machine as well. The question for Nintendo is whether they would be okay building software for another companies hardware. Then again, Jobs had to swallow that to get to where he is today, so there is no reason Nintendo would not be willing, as well.