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Rumor: Orange to Sell the LG GD 910 Watch Phone for £1,000

Illustration for article titled Rumor: Orange to Sell the LG GD 910 Watch Phone for £1,000

British website Mobile Today is claiming that the LG GD910 Watch Phone will sell on the Orange network across Europe for about £1,000, which is the rough equivalent of $1500 USD.


A £1,000 pricetag would seem to make sense, since it this is a boutique item and it was announced last week that Orange would be the official carrier, but source attribution in the article is close to nonexistent, so it's tough to say where this originated from. If this price rumor is indeed true one has to wonder if $1500 is worth living out childhood retro-futuristic dreams. [Mobile Today via CrunchGear]

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Garrett Clay

Hey Adrian, the currency exchange is 1USD=1.270Euro's so i don't see how its the rough equivalent of 1500. If im wrong about the currency exchange, sorry, but i used the google one which is up to date