Rumor: Panasonic and Sony Releasing Hybrid HD DVD/Blu-ray Players Next Year

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An anonymous source heard from someone high-up in the company—we can't say who—that Panasonic/Matsushita is going to produce a dual HD DVD/Blu-ray player next year. This will be a hardware hybrid, and not a disc hybrid, as we posted about yesterday.


These sources say that Panasonic is doing this to protect itself, as the next-gen DVD wars aren't close to being resolved, and they don't want all their next-generation eggs in one next-generation basket, no matter how Blu that basket may be.

Also, it's rumored that Sony will be making one of these as well, but this is even more rumory than the Panasonic rumor. We'll believe it when we see it, since Sony's not one to throw in the towel and a hybrid drive would be somewhat of a concession. We're more likely to see a mea culpa from OJ Simpson than Sony.


Right: A famous hybrid.

Thanks anonymous dude!