Rumor: Sony's New Walkman to Feature OLED Touchscreen and Wi-Fi

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Sony has plans to unveil its first touchscreen Walkman at CES, coming in both 16GB and 32GB varieties, and the early word has it looking pretty slick: OLED touchscreen, anyone?

Yes, the rumor has it that the new Walkman will feature a 3-inch OLED touchscreen. It sounds like a direct competitor to the iPod Touch, as it supports Wi-Fi and will have a built-in browser, as well as a bunch of other web-based features.

While most of the usual menu structure of the current Walkman series will be retained in this new model, there are several new exciting features included. For example, upon listening to an artist, you may click on the artist name and watch music videos of the artist on YouTube through Wi-Fi (WPA and WEP support included). Additionally, there will be a Youtube icon on the main screen that will allow full access to the website - search, pause, FF/RW included very similar to Youtube access on the iPhone/iTouch. Additionally, this new Walkman will be able to subscribe to audio podcast and Crackle video feeds; this means automatic download of new updates, the ability to delete old feed content, all over Wi-Fi.


Interesting! If this is true, and the OS and touchscreen is usable and responsive, we might have a strong competitor to the Touch. We'll find out soon enough, as CES is less than a month away. [Sony Insider]