Rumor: T-Mobile Lusting To Buy Sprint

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T-Mobile may be smallish in the US, but it's owned by German giant Deutsche Telekom, a company plenty powerful enough to buy up Sprint if it wanted to...and the rumor mill says it may want to. The Inquirer points out the obvious network issues that might arise. After all, what do you get when you cross a GSM network barely on HSDPA but harboring LTE aspirations with a CDMA/EV-DO franchise who's experimenting with WiMax while lugging a legacy iDEN network around for God-knows-what-reason? [Inquirer]
BTW, if you had trouble digesting that last sentence, please visit our handy Giz Explains post on mobile-network acronyms.



The number one problem with Sprint is not their technology (despite the fact it should be). The main problem is their customer service. So, the question is:

What happens when you mix the best customer service with the worst? Do you get mediocrity, excellence, or a crapification of all things human related?

T-Mobile needs to do this so we can find out the answer.