Curious about what Verizon might have up its sleeve in terms of upcoming smartphones and what not? Well, if you can stomach a rumor or ten there's a list that's making the rounds today:

- LG Chocolate Touch VX8575 (touchscreen)
- BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 - October/November
- Nokia Shade 2705 - Replaces the Mirage 2605
- Nokia Twist 7705 - The swivel phone from earlier this year?
- Palm Treo 800W
- Motorola Entice W766 (Replaces the W755)
- Samsung Rogue U960 (Replaces the Glyde U940, August)
- Samsung U450 - Verizon Mobile TV-compatible
- Samsung Strut U440 - QWERTY
- Samsung Omnia-II i920 (Holiday 2009)


Again, all rumor, although that ugly looking swivel phone was previously mentioned in the same sentence as "summer 2009." [BGR]