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Rumored ASUS' Eee PC 1201N's Dual Cored Specs Could Eat Other Netbooks Alive

Illustration for article titled Rumored ASUS Eee PC 1201Ns Dual Cored Specs Could Eat Other Netbooks Alive

If you believe the dual core Atom rumors, the ASUS Eee PC 1201N could knock out all other netbooks in performance.


The leaked 12-inch Eee PC 1201N apparently has Nvidia Ion graphics (GeForce 9400M chipset) along with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N330 Dual Core processor. That along with 3GB RAM, and a 320GB HD should make it one of the most powerful Atom netbooks around.

There is also the rumored Eee PC 1201HA which will have the same 12-inch chassis but is said to have less powerful guts with the standard Atom processor and chipset. Since both will be running Windows 7, don't expect to see these guys to get all official until October 22. [EeePC.IT via Liliputing]

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i don't believe it's a netbook anymore once the screen gets past 10 inches, really. After that point it kinda loses its portability advantage. That's an underpowered laptop.