Rumored iPhone 5S Hardware Leaks Point to Fingerprint Sensor

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We've already seen some (supposed) software leaks implying that the newest iPhone will come bundled up with a biometric fingerprint sensor, but now we actually have the hardware images to back that up. Newly leaked photos from the French blog show what purports to be iPhone 5S internal components—ample room for fingerprint scanner and all.


In comparing the new components next to the current generation of iPhone, you can clearly see that, in the upcoming version, the metal spacer cushion next to the home button has been redesigned with an extra cutout. And extra space clearly indicates that they're getting ready to squeeze a brand new toy in.

These photos coupled with the iOS 7 beta 4 folder labeled "BiometricKitUI" certainly make a strong case for a fingerprint scanner come September. But of course, we won't actually know anything for sure until we hear it straight from the Tim Cook's mouth. [Laptop Mag]



Why would I want this feature? Honestly, why? My passcode is fine. In fact passcode is preferable as if I'm in a car or a situation where I want a friend/someone else to use it I can just quickly tell them the code, I don't to have to stumble with my phone and wait for it to scan my finger. What happens if I drop my phone and the sensor is scratched, or i burn my finger that I selected to scan(stretching here i'll admit)? This is the biggest gimmick in an iPhone yet, I don't know I just fail to see why anyone would want this. (For the record I have an iPhone and love it.)