Rumored Photo Leak Teases Nikon D600 DSLR: Full Frame, Low Price

Tales of entry-level full-frame DSLRs have been circulating for a while now. Could we now have concrete proof that we will finally see one of these affordable beauties from Nikon?


The photos come from the forums at, and they look pretty legit. NikonRumors has a speculative list of features and specs, including a 24.7 MP full-frame sensor, built in AF motor, 39 AF points, and of course full HD video with HDMI out.

If the D600 comes in at around $1500, as rumored, things could get interesting for the prosumer DSLR buyer. The cheapest full-framer you can buy right now is gonna be years old and still run you over $2000, while the latest offerings, such as a Nikon D800 or Canon 5D Mark III are $3000 and up.

Of course, Canon is ready with their own mess of rumors about a similarly priced full-frame just around the corner. Could make for a good ol' Canon vs Nikon slap-fight. [NikonRumors via]


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