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Run Windows 7 Without Activating It For 4 Months

Illustration for article titled Run Windows 7 Without Activating It For 4 Months

Say you've bought a legit copy of Windows 7, but you don't want to enter that activation code. A common situation! Well, there's a simple trick for extending that free limbo period for four months.


All you've got to do is enter "slmgr -rearm" into the command prompt at the end of every 30 day period, and you're set. You can do it three times, extending the whole deal to 120 days. The same trick worked on Vista, and it's nice to see Microsoft allowing the little trick to keep working on 7. You know, for those of us who hate entering activation codes. [Telegraph via Engadget]

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There are many other codes that work in fascinating ways as well. Most work with a simple disemvoweling.

For instance:

"bllgts -mny" turns the desktop pattern into a photo of Bill Gates as a homeless man.

"dvdbln -dtng" Shows a video of David Blain doing a 'magic trick' with out the 'magic' of video editing or paid onlookers. (pretty disappointing, actually)

"wndws -mcrsft" Immediately installs a copy of Snow Leopard over Windows 7

"ppl -stvjbs" disables your iPod, iPhone, and uninstalls any copies of iTunes or Safari.

"dm_frcc -clths" makes you instantly vomit.