Rupert Murdoch Is Now On Twitter!

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Check it out, kids, our favorite octogenarian media tycoon has joined Twitter. I have to admit I love his Twitter picture. And he's pretty active too. Here's a sample:

Vacations great time for thinking. St Barth's too many people. Thoughts best kept private around here. Like London!

Happy 2012. May itbe better than all experts predict. Has to be! Must change everything to create jobs for all, especiallyyoung

I LOVE the film "we bought a zoo", a great family movie. Very proud of fox team who made this great film.


Ah, there hasn't been so much joy in the world since Hitler invaded Poland. [Twitter]


"... since Hitler invaded Poland."

Yeah, I'm all for Murdoch bashing as well, but let's not go overboard. The guy said he liked "We Bought a Zoo," not "May the streets run red with the blood of the impure." Demonize him for the wrongs he has done rather than painting an inaccurate picture. What you've done here is paint yourself as "that silly liberal who just hates Fox News."

I mean, I hate Fox News as well, but really? Hitler? The guy killed millions. The worst Fox News has done is lie to millions.