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Ryan Gosling leaves the Logan's Run remake. Plus tons more American Horror Story hints!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Scarlett Johansson films another batch of scenes for her sexy alien hitchhiker movie Under the Skin. Find out everything you need to know about the star-studded science fiction comedy Space Station 76. Plus tons more on what's ahead on The Vampire Diaries!

Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from Fringe.

Logan's Run

Ryan Gosling has reportedly dropped out of his Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn's planned remake of the 1976 sci-fi thriller — or, perhaps more accurately, planned new adaptation of William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson's 1967 novel. Anyway, there's no word yet on why Gosling dropped out, although in previous interviews it was made fairly clear that his only real interest in the project was as a favor to Refn, so perhaps the director will also soon be exiting the project. [Coming Soon]


Under the Skin

Here are a couple set photos from the recent reshoots in Glasgow of Sexy Beast director Jonathan Glazer's new film, in which Scarlett Johansson who plays an alien hitchhiker who preys on humans for their flesh — which if I recall previous plot descriptions involved a certain amount of Species-style sex and seduction, although Johansson swears there are a bunch of philosophically complex questions being considered as well. Which, you know, anything's possible. Anyway, here's a photo of her falling down while wearing a black wig. [Indiewire]


Space Station 76

First-time writer-director Jack Plotnick has reportedly wrapped production on this retro science fiction comedy, which stars White Collar's Matt Bomer, Super Troopers actress Marisa Coughlin, Piranha 3D's Jerry O'Connell, Lord of the Rings actress Liv Tyler, and Watchmen's Patrick Wilson. We featured some concept art from the film a while back, and now here's the painstakingly complete, supremely lengthy synopsis for the film:

For Misty, a thirty year-old sexpot housewife, one of the benefits of living on the Omega 76 Space Station is getting to spend time with Dr. Bot, a valium-prescribing therapist droid. This frustrates her technician husband, Ted, who desperately wishes they could go back to the time when she was in love with him, and fully engaged with the raising of their daughter, Sunshine. Although only seven years old, Sunshine's been left to fend for herself on the ship, as Ted and Misty are constantly occupied with their mundane jobs and pursuits of self-fulfillment.

Life on the space station really isn't much different than it was in suburban communities of the 70's, except for maybe the added danger of having Captain Glenn Terry, a bitter, suicidal wreck of a man, at the helm of the ship. Drowning in resentment and struggling with his bisexuality, Glen hides the secret that he had a rocky affair with his ex-Assistant Captain, Daniel, who left the ship under mysterious circumstances. Replacing him is Jesssica Marlowe, an ambitious and mostly misunderstood feminist, whose arrival on the ship inadvertently ignites tensions among everyone. The Omega 76 is her chance to prove that a woman can succeed in a "man's world," and her way of proving to herself that a having a career can be just as meaningful as having a family. But she's not fooling anyone. Her by-the-books mentality starts to unravel the Captain, and her fast friendship with Sunshine sparks a degree of jealousy in Misty. Accustomed to being the center of her daughter's world, self-absorbed Misty doesn't respond well to having to compete for attention with this new woman in power.

Dissatisfied with the monotony of her domestic routine, however unable to take responsibility for her life, Misty turns to Dr. Bot for solace. She's not the only one self-medicating – Glenn's grief over losing Daniel drives him to drink way more than a Captain should. Especially while driving. Glenn suffers a botched reconnection with his former lover and several embarrassing suicide attempts. But his life isn't the only one in danger – a careless mistake on the bridge causes a near-miss with an asteroid the size of Texas. Jessica becomes furious with his incompetence, and the two constantly butt heads. The only people not at odds with each other are Jessica and Ted: two lonely souls whose friendship moves quickly past the friend zone. When it becomes obvious that her neglected husband also prefers Jessica over her, Misty takes aim.

Caught in the crosshairs is little Sunshine, set adrift like a rover in the Me Decade of space. As the adults search for meaning within their empty lives, barely contained lust, jealousy, and anger all bubble to the surface. The ship's annual holiday party is their chance for reconciliation. Will they make amends and do what's best for the future, or will their lives fall silently into chaos?

[Coming Soon]


Here's a sneak peek for tonight's episode, "The Bullet That Saved The World."


Here are some promo photos from the seventh episode, "The Children's Crusade." [SpoilerTV]



Here's a promo for the Halloween night episode, "Blood Brothers."

The twelfth and thirteenth episodes are reportedly called "Out of Time" and "Everybody Hates", respectively. [SpoilerTV]



Here's a promo for the next episode, "An Innocent Man."

Here are some promo photos for the fifth episode, "Damaged", which airs November 7. And here's the official description:

DC COMICS' VILLAIN DEATHSTROKE APPEARS ON THE ISLAND WITH OLIVER - After Detective Lance (Paul Blackthorne) arrests Oliver (Stephen Amell) for murder, Oliver tells Moira (Susanna Thompson) the only lawyer he'll allow to represent him is Laurel (Katie Cassidy). Laurel takes the case which puts her at odds with her father. Oliver offers to take a polygraph in front Detective Lance but things get tense when Lance asks him if anyone else was on the island with him. Oliver flashes back to when he got his first scar, courtesy of Deathstroke (guest star Jeffrey Robinson).



The Vampire Diaries

Costar Claire Holt discusses what's next for Rebekah's relationship with Klaus:

Rebekah's always been there for her brother. Going back to that scene in the premiere she tells him "It's always been me. Not Elijah. Not Kol. Not Finn. Me." So she felt incredibly betrayed by him and it's definitely going to impact their relationship throughout the season. She's so stubborn and as much as she wants to be a family unit, and she loves her brother, she's also furious at him for betraying her again. I think it creates a really interesting dynamic for the two of them. As much as I love when Klaus and Rebekah are a team it's also really great to have those scenes where they're in conflict as well. So I can tell you, it will definitely play a big role this season.


There's tons more at the link. [Screen Spy]

The Secret Circle emigre Phoebe Tonkin discusses her new character Haley:

"Haley isn't there to do anything bad or mess up anyone's relationship," Tonkin tells us. "Haley's a tomboy; she just likes hanging out with the guys! She's trying to find out some things about her past and there are people in Mystic Falls holding onto that information that she wants."


[TV Guide]

Here's the description for the sixth episode of the season, "We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes":

ELENA'S NEW NIGHTMARE - Terrifying hallucinations leave Elena (Nina Dobrev) shaken and confused, causing her to make a dangerous mistake. After giving Stefan (Paul Wesley) some very disturbing news about Elena, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) takes matters into his own hands. Professor Shane (guest star David Alpay) reveals a story of ancient witchcraft to Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Bonnie (Kat Graham). With help from Klaus and Stefan, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) begins a new chapter in his life. Finally, Elena makes a painful personal confession to Stefan, and Matt (Zach Roerig) gives Damon startling new information about Professor Shane.



American Horror Story: Asylum

Here's a promo for the next episode, "Nor'easter."

Co-creator Ryan Murphy offers his weekly tease of what to expect next:

Next week's episode has my favorite thing that I have ever seen Jessica do in two seasons. It's movie night at Briarcliff. The episode is called "Noreaster" and there's a terrible storm coming and to calm the inmates, Sister Jude orders a religious movie. Jessica's introduction of that movie is one of my favorite's ever. It's a master class. After each take, she would get rounds of applause.

At the end, it appears Sister Eunice is possessed by Satan. Will she be a different level of possession?
She certainly has her moments. I think it's very clear by the end of the episode that Sister Eunice has been taken over by the devil. It's fascinating to research the idea of Satanic possession. From the 1400s on, there are very different levels of possession. There are more animalistic ferocity, there are more sly and cunning, a possession that's not so much about outward force but inward ambition. And that's the thing we wanted to do for Sister Mary Eunice.


He also discusses the return of season one star Dylan McDermott later this season, and he answers the most important question of them all:

He's introduced in episode 9, which is our winter cliff-hanger. So he's a big part of the last chunk of the episodes. We plotted and plotted and came up with something that is great and he actually starts filming tomorrow. I love it because it's a real departure for Dylan, who is usually such a handsome leading man.

Are you ugly-ing him up?
No, no. I didn't wanna pop a wig on him and be like "Trick or treat!" It's a really cool plot twist that I think is fun.

Will he once again be crying and masturbating at the same time?
You know? Alas, no. Alas, no.


There's still a ton more at the link, but really, what more do you need to know than that? [EW]

Returning star Evan Peters discusses his new character Kit and the question of those pesky space aliens:

He's definitely misunderstood. I don't know, though. He doesn't seem to know if he's crazy himself, but he's not insane. He's not a psychopath.

Are you presuming that, or do you know for sure?
Just presuming.

Can we talk about the aliens then?
They're creepy! They have puppeteers. It's a full-on big thing, like it's really there in the room with me. It's funny. I read Fire in the Sky, which is supposedly true. This guy says he's abducted by aliens and all this stuff happened to him. Just thinking about that, if that were to really happen, if an alien were to come down and really abduct you, how terrifying and how earth-shattering would that be? Your whole world is just destroyed. God is destroyed. It's kind of a fascinating thing to think about.

Do you have any theories about whether or not Kit is imagining everything?
You're going to have to watch to find out. I believe that the aliens are really there though. Yeah, definitely they are.



Here are some images from the third episode, "Nor'easter", which airs next week on Halloween. [Multiple Verses]


And here's a pair of image from the following episode, "I Am Anne Frank (Part 1)", which airs on November 7. [Multiple Verses]


Here's a trio of promos for the fourth season premiere.

Here's the official description for the second episode of the new series:

The ASBO superheroes are back for a fourth series and new gang members Jess (Karla Crome) and Finn (Nathan McMullen) soon realise there's more to community service than scrubbing off graffiti and picking up litter... In episode two, Finn isn't quite as innocent as he looks when a dark secret he's been hiding at home is revealed. Can Seth be persuaded to come out of retirement and take a power before someone gets forced into submission? And Rudy and Curtis go into battle over a beautiful blind girl, while Jess meets new super-sexy barman Alex.



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