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Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Android Brains, iPhone-Like Body

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Samsung has just announced its latest Galaxy smartphone, the Alpha. With its chamfered edges you might confuse it for an iPhone from a distance, but it's got plenty of its own fun tricks as well.

The new phone is related to, but substantially different from, the existing Galaxy S5. It's certainly slimmer than the S5, at just 6.7 millimeters thick, but the specs have been squeezed a little too.

So, there's a 720p screen (not full HD) and an octa core chip (not the top-of-the-range Snapdragon 801). It also only features a 1,860mAh battery—that's 1,000mAh less than the S5, so expect to carry a charger. Elsewhere, there's 4K video capture, S Health, a fingerprint scanner, Gear wearable connectivity, and the usual array of Google apps.

It'll come in black, white, gold, silver and blue, and is scheduled to arrive in September. Pricing is as yet unannounced, but it seems like it's being positioned possibly as a more affordable entry into Samsung's Galaxy.