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Samsung's cameraphone strategy at this year's CeBIT seems to be the bigger, the better. We thought the big announcement was going to be their SGH-i310 2 megapixel cameraphone with the whopping 8GB hard drive, but no, today they introduced us to the SCH-B600, which at 10 megapixels is not only the world's highest resolution cameraphone but beats out mid-level digital cameras and even many digital SLRs.


The SCH-B600's camera has 3x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom, a flash, 1/2000 shutter speed; its Bluetooth wireless headset can also be used as a remote control. Samsung will be releasing it in Korea in Q2 2006.

Samsung Introduces 10MP SCH-B600 DMB Cameraphone [Samsung HQ] (Thanks, AFD!)
Samsung B600 10 Megapixel phone [LetsGoDigital] Thanks, Mark!)