Samsung's Glorious 8K TV Will Show You the Meaning of Infinity

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Samsung's showing of a prototype of a 98-inch LED 8K television at CES. I leaned in and tried to see the pixels on this fantasy screen and my brain got lost in the detail. My mind tried do the math of how many pixels were assembling the heads of the tiny people in the screen. I got dizzy. This is infinity.


The screen showed a cross section of four floors of a mall with people zipping around. I've done experiments with 4k TVs and I thought I couldn't see the pixels, but placing your eye directly up to this Sammy screen is like looking into a glassy portal to another world.

Just look at this 640 x 360 crop from hour shot of the television. There's a little blur because the TV was refreshing and Mike's camera wasn't on a tripod, but you get the idea, this is crazy:


Of course, you would never lean your head that far into a television. Hell, you'd probably want to sit really far away form a TV this size. Which says nothing of that fact that there's no way to actually shoot 8K footage right now. The images we were looking at were assembled from more than one video feed.

Still, TVs are supposed to inspire fantasy, and staring at this baby made me feel it, even if that fantasy is, well, just that.