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Samsung Is Hosting a Second Galaxy Unpacked Event Next Week

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Earlier this month, Samsung announced a full refresh of its mobile portfolio. However, there were some important details that didn’t get announced—especially at it pertains to Samsung’s next flagship foldable phone—so Samsung has decided to finish the job by hosting a second event next week.

While it’s currently unclear if Galaxy Unpacked Part 2 will be a live or pre-recorded online event, based on the teaser Samsung sent out earlier today, it’s clear the main topic will be the Galaxy Z Fold 2. During its previous event, while Samsung announced the successor to the original Galaxy Fold and showed off its refreshed design, Samsung did not share much about the phone’s specs, price, or release date.


Currently, the biggest question about the Galaxy Z Fold is regarding its price, because priced just shy $2,000, the original Galaxy Fold was prohibitively expensive, putting it out of reach for all but the most extreme enthusiasts. And while Samsung did eventually release a foldable phone that was slightly cheaper in the $1,400 Galaxy Z Flip, that’s still well above the price of a typical phone buyer.


Aside from the Z Fold 2, Samsung will probably also release a price and shipping date for the Galaxy Tab S7, which was announced earlier this month but with little info about its retail availability.

And while other previously announced Samsung products like the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Watch 3 have already gone on sale, with Galaxy Unpacked Part 2 scheduled to take place shortly before IFA 2020 kicks off in Germany later in the week, I wouldn’t put it past Samsung to have at least one small surprise planned for its event as well.