Samsung N510 Ion Netbook Arriving Next Month for $599

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NVIDIA's Ion platform is pretty snazzy, welding an Atom and a 9400M graphics chip (the same found in Macbooks, fanboys) to handle high def content with ease. Samsung's N510 is an 11.6-inch netbook built on this platform, arriving next month.


According to Lilliputing, the 1366 x 768, HDMI-equipped N510 will make its way to the States in September for an introductory price of $599. Even for the extra power, that's more than we want to pay for anything loaded with a puny Atom processor—especially if it's loaded with but 1GB of RAM as we suspect. [lilliputing and image]



Coming in September, eh? Then I'm assuming the price of the other netbooks in Samsung's line-up will be dropping in September, too. Looks like it's time to break open my piggy bank and get the NC10.