Samsung OLED Product Roadmap Shows 40-inch TVs in 2010

Illustration for article titled Samsung OLED Product Roadmap Shows 40-inch TVs in 2010

OLED fans will have to be patient, as Samsung's roadmap for the technology shows them only in small handheld devices for this year and next, ramping up to laptop and desktop displays in '09 and finally 40-inch TVs in 2010. After these TVs invade your home and take all your money in the process, Samsung will follow up with flexible OLED displays by 2012. The point? The tech will have lower costs than LCDs or Plasmas eventually, once production ramps up and enough units are out there. But in the mean time, plan for your next TV purchase to be a non-OLED display—unless of course you manage to wed an old millionaire socialite for her money. If you do, please think of your old friend Jason. [Nikkeibp]


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Based on that timeline, they're about a year behind Sony, who will have their 11" OLED 1080p set on the market for the 2007 holidays. Maybe Sony will have a 50"-60" offering by 2010 when Samsung has their 40". Here's hoping... I can't wait forever to buy my HD set, and I've already shed my tears over SED.