Samsung Quad Pen Concept Transfers Air Scribbling in Perpetuity

A pen that lets you write anything anywhere and then transfer it to your computer has been developed by Samsung. Situated in the nib of the Quad pen is an electronic sensor which records its movements and saves it onto a tiny memory chip in the barrel, meaning that, should inspiration strike while you wander lonely as a cloud that floats on high o'er — yeah, you get my drift — you can run to the nearest daffodil and jot down whatever it was you wanted, thus saving your work for posterity on the chip. I love this idea, but I know that it won't work for me as my handwriting is so pants — I mean, if I can't even master my digital signature at the supermarket, what hope is there for me writing my best-selling bonkbuster novel on a daffodil? [Korea TImes via UberGizmo]


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