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We're so proud. Samsung has released its first Series 60 Symbian Smartphones, SCH-D720 and SGH-D730 — thus showing the world that, yes, Samsung can so make it in the Symbian Smartphone arena, if you'll just give it a chance. They both look and feel like regular handsets: the SCH-D720 is a slider, while the SCH-D730 is a clamshell, and they weigh in at only 97 grams and 110 grams each. Both feature a 1.3 megapixel camera, 20MB internal memory, a MMC-micro card slot, and a 176 x 208 pixel LCD. With these Smartphones, Samsung is saying "We loves the Symbian!" and will attempt to put more emphasis on Symbian Smartphones in the future.

Both phones will be released all over Europe starting in September; first in Germany, then France, Italy, and so on. No word on when it'll be coming stateside, but we'll cross our fingers just in case.


Samsung Releases Symbian Smartphone [TelecomsKorea via MobileTracker]

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