Samsung SCH-V890 Slider

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Here's another great-looking phone from Samsung that we can't have yet, or maybe never—the SCH-V890/SCH-V8900 is a slim slider with a 2.2-inch display and a 1.3-megapixel camera with an LED flash. Just 13.8mm thick, the $525 phone also includes a navigation service which will give you real-time traffic information, and it can play MP3s, too. Add Bluetooth and PictBridge, and your techno-lust for things you can't have is complete.

Let's be optimistic, though, maybe someday a cheap knockoff of this phone will be available in the states. We can only hope. For now, if you're in Korea, knock yourself out.

Samsung SCH-V890/SCH-V8900 slim slider [AVing via Newlaunches]