Samsung Switcheroo: Louvre Might Become Omnia Pro At Launch

Illustration for article titled Samsung Switcheroo: Louvre Might Become Omnia Pro At Launch

BGR is reporting today that the well-known AMOLED-equipped Samsung Omnia Pro might be linked to the recently unearthed "Louvre B7610." By the way, "linked" in this case means "the exact same thing."


Why the subterfuge? No idea, but what today's news does bring us are a slew of updated specs for the Omnia Pro/Louvre, due out sometime in September or October.

* 3.5-inch AMOLED resistive touchscreen display w/ WVGA resolution
* 800MHz processor
* 5.1 megapixel camera with auto-focus and LED flash
* Sliding QWERTY keypad
* 2 UIs (Pro & Media)
* 3.5mm headphone jack
* MicroUSB
* Divx/WMV/H.264 accelerations
* FM Radio
* DNLA support
* 1GB internal memory with microSDHC up to 32GB
* 1500mAh battery

Louvre? Omnia Pro? Louvre Pro? Who knows. It's a slick phone with a robust set of features and a presumably sharp little touchscreen. We'll definitely know more toward the end of the summer. [Unwired News via BGR]


Well now.. I've been a fan of the Omnia since inception- its versatility and capacity are amazing. Adding a slider keyboard is a nice thought as the current one is a bit slim. If the 3.5mm jack is added I'm there- the proprietary connector is a pain, but the proprietary earbuds @ $20 are pretty good.

As far as I am concerned the Omnia still outperforms the iPhone in almost all categories: e-mail, work tasks associated with MS Office, mass storage, and web browsing- yes, I said web browsing- try Hulu with an iPhone.

Adding Skyfire makes the WinMo platform unbeatable and the lock-ups are very few (yeah it requires a softboot every once in awhile, but so does everything else).

If you want to use one as an MP3 player, add a 16g micro SD card for $30 and an aftermarket music app and you are golden- you still come out way ahead of any iPhone cost and performance.

The key is to accually lean how to use WinMo and configure your phone properly- God forbid anyone should know how to use their device. Between the user configured controls and the customizable screens you can access anything within 3 clicks, no wories.