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Samsung "World's Thinnest" Watchphone Also Happens to Be One of the World's Only Watchphones

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Samsung's only real watchphone competitor hasn't even launched its product yet, so it's a little early for the marketing oneupmanship. Regardless, the S9110 is an impressive piece of kit, with a 1.76-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth, email support and MP3 playback.

Rounding out the feature list are a few watchphone necessities, like voice recognition and speakerphone, all in a package that measures in at about 12mm thick—bulkier than your average Swatch, but well within acceptable wristwear territory. The first wave of releases will be scattered throughout Europe, starting in France, where the S9110 will retail for around $650.

The most striking thing about this—as well as the LG GD910—is that unlike pretty much every watchphone we've seen before, these might be usable on a day to day basis, granted you're willing to accept the inherent awkwardness of the watchphone form factor. No word on a stateside release yet, but import costs aren't likely to stop the kinds of dapper jetsetting gentlemen and/or independently wealthy James Bond superfans who'll be buying this thing anyway. [SamsungHub via Mobilecrunch]