Samsung's 2nd-Gen LED DLPs Will Get 3D Upgrade by Fall

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In addition to that wireless plamsa that's in the works, today we also learned that Samsung is planning on giving its second-gen LED-based DLPs a 3D upgrade. The current line up is 3D-ready and come September, Samsung will sell a $100 package that'll include two 3D glasses and a 3D emitter that'll hook up to your DLP and display 3D content. The plan is to spread the 3D feature across all of Samsung's TVs (DLP, PDP and LCD), but the DLPs are up first. It's certainly a nice extra to have (provided the content is there, too), but how many of you guys want 3D on your TV?



I *just* purchased a Samsung 50" DLP this past weekend and had it delivered yesterday. As I was setting it up I noticed a port on the back labeled "3D".

It's round and similar in size and pinout to a PS/2 or S-Video port. The manual only mentions "for use with compatible devices" or somesuch.

There was something oddly familiar about the port, so I took a look at the back of one of my PCs, and sure enough, one of my GeForce cards has an extemely similar looking port that's for use with LCD shutter glasses.

I'd bet that the kit coming out is a box that plugs into that port that syncs to the refresh rate and sends wireless signals to trigger the shudders of the glasses. Hell, I might try plugging in the shudder glasses that came with that GeForce card just to see what they do.