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Samsung's 40-inch TFT-LCD is Just One Centimeter Thick

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Samsung is to unveil a bunch of new screens in Japan at the end of this week, including the 40-inch beauty you see here, with a thickness of just 1 cm. The first of the Korean electronics giant's next wave of large-screen TVs, the 40-incher is as thick as a 10- to 20-inch LCD desktop monitor, and has a bezel of just 14.6 mm, reduced from 30 mm. LED backlighting reduces power consumption to around 90 watts. Another pic, and info on what to keep your eyes peeled for in Yokohama this week below.


15.4" LCD with active white-LED backlight.

22" desktop LCD with DisplayPort interface

46" digital information display (1500nits)

7" mobile display with touch screen

2.1" LCD with sensor-based automatic brightness control

14.3" plastic display


14.1"active-matrix OLED. [via Press Release]